Quick Tips

BATTERIES: less is more.

High-voltage batteries can burn the oil. Less powerful batteries work better - and taste better - because they vaporize the oil gently and evenly. This protects the terpenes and other delicate compounds found in Himalaya. Sweet spot: 2.8V to 3.5V. Above 3.5V, it's easy to burn the oil, so go easy with the button.

STORE your cart in a cool-ish and dark-ish place.

Like humans, Himalaya oil ages more quickly when stored in direct light or high heat.

CAP your cart when not in use.

Keeping the rubber end caps on the cartridge when you're not vaping will keep the oil fresh. It also helps prevent leaking and clogging.

CONTACT US if you don't find your answers here.

Download the knowledge below. Then contact us if you're so inclined. If your cartridge has an issue, we want to know about it. We're always trying to improve, so tell us what we could be doing better.

Always use the original Himalaya charger to charge your Himalaya battery. Do not charge the battery on 3rd-party chargers.

Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Himalaya and oil with "natural terpenes"? ⌄

Every Himalaya cartridge contains 4-8% of the original, cannabis-derived, strain-specific terpenes and other essential compounds.* That's how we're keeping weed real.

Products marketed as containing "natural terpenes" or "botanical terpenes" are flavored with terpenes derived from other plants: pine trees, lemons, etc. (These are the same chemicals used in plug-in air fresheners and perfume.) These cannabis products may contain few, if any, of the original cannabis-derived terpenes. We think of them as "flavored THC".

What do you mean by "essential compounds" in the above question? ⌄

Along with over 100 terpenes, cannabis contains other light, volatile compounds with notable flavors and aromas. For example, esters - not terpenes - are responsible for flavors such as pineapple, banana and strawberry. We preserve the original cannabis-derived esters along with the terpenes.

Do you sell flavored carts? ⌄

Yes. Each cannabis strain may produce distinct psychoactive effects. And the difference between strains is primarily due to differences in terpene profiles. For example, Sativa strains are often stimulating, while Indica strains are typically relaxing. These differences between Sativa and Indica strains result from their distinct terpene profiles.

This is one reason why many consumers prefer Himalaya over "flavored THC". The benefits of cannabis require the full spectrum of beneficial compounds found in the plant. It's impossible to replicate or mimic the unique effects of cannabis generally - or each strain specifically - using non-cannabis terpene blends or other added flavors.

Why does your hardware (the cartridge and battery) change so often? ⌄

We are always looking to improve. Cartridge technology is changing rapidly. And we customize our designs, which leads to frequent changes. We will be introducing radically improved cartridges in the coming months!

Why don't you offer some crazy ass strain? ⌄

Himalaya is not weed-like product. Himalaya is made from real weed; Himalaya IS real weed. (The main difference between "trimming" and "refining" is that you use metal scissors to trim and we use molecular scissors to refine.)

  • We got real fruit. Not candy.
  • We got cheddar. Not plastic wrapped cheese product.
  • We got wine. Not purple drink and vodka. (*Not to knock purple drink.)

That means we only offer strains that folks actually grow. Sour Tangie plants make Sour Tangie carts. Pretty simple.

Can you ship to another state? ⌄

No. There ARE dumb questions. That is one.

Why aren't you in my favorite dispensary? ⌄

Good question. You should ask them.

Tips & Troubleshooting

Store your cart properly

Cap the cartridge when not in use. Keep the oil fresh by replacing the mouthpiece plug and clear rubber cap. These caps lock in the terpenes and keep oxygen out! Locking out oxygen is the #1 way to keep the oil fresh!

Store in the proper orientation. For 1G carts, please lay on side to store when not in use. For 500MG carts, please store upright.

For long-term storage, avoid bright light or high heat. Our full spectrum concentrate contains all sorts of delicate compounds. For freshness, store Himalaya oil where it's protected from high heat or direct sunlight. A drawer, closet or cabinet at room temperature works great! (Basically, avoid storing your cartridge in hot cars or under bright lights.)

Using the Cartridge


Q: The oil tastes burnt. ⌄

A: Your battery may be too strong! The authentic terpenes in Himalaya are delicate and burn easily. For best results, use a battery with voltage of 2.8-3.5V.

Q: The cartridge isn't working. ⌄

A: First, make sure you've removed the rubber cap from the mouthpiece, and that the bottom of the cartridge is uncapped and screwed onto the battery.

Q: I removed the mouthpiece plug. The cartridge still isn't working. ⌄

A: Make sure the battery is turned on and charged. Unscrew and then re-attach the cartridge. (On certain batteries, just loosening or tightening the cartridge slightly can work.) Check to make sure that you can draw air through the cartridge. If possible, try the cartridge on a different battery.

Q: I've tried everything. This cartridge does not work! ⌄

A: One final trick: At the bottom end of the cartridge (opposite from the mouthpiece), there is a round metal contact within the threading. Try pulling this out slightly with tweezers or a paperclip. You only need to pull it out just beyond the threading. This makes contact with the battery and can occasionally get pushed in too far to connect. If that still doesn't work... Sorry about the trouble! Despite our best efforts, the occasional "dud" sneaks through. Please contact us so we can sort it out, or find us at an in-store event.

Q: I can't suck any air through. The cartridge seems clogged. ⌄

A: First, please double-check that the rubber end cap is removed. Then, unscrew the cartridge from the battery and then screw it back on. If that doesn't work, there may be an internal clog. Try using a push-buttom battery to heat the cartridge for a few seconds. Then continue heating as you suck gently. This should warm up the oil and allow the internal clog to clear. (Use heat, not suction, to clear clogs. Sucking hard without heat can sometimes worsen the problem, by drawing oil up into the airway.) As a last resort, you can push a thin piece of metal (such as a straightened paper clip) down through the mouthpiece to clear any obstruction. Himalaya cartridges rarely clog. When they do, the clog is almost always minor and easily cleared.

Q: The cartridge was stored upside down. There is no oil near the wick holes. ⌄

A: To use later, simply turn the cartridge upright and let the oil settle. (If the oil seems "stuck", try leaning at a 45 degree angle overnight.) To use now, or to re-saturate a dry wick, gently heat the cartridge (until the oil inside flows visibly) and leave it upright for 5-15 minutes. (One easy way to heat the cartridge is to hold it over a lighter for a few seconds, turning the cart to evenly heat the oil. Careful! - the glass will become hot. Once the oil starts flowing, leave the cart upright for bit and then fire away.)

Using the Battery

Q: Do Himalaya batteries come fully charged? ⌄

A: Usually your Himalaya battery should come charged and ready to use, but not always. If it doesn't work out of the box, it probably just needs a charge.

Q: How do I know when my battery is charged? ⌄

A: Red lights = still charging. Green light = ready. When charging, the light on the USB charger will be red, and the red lights on your battery will illuminate. Once the battery is fully charged, the light on the USB charger will turn green, and the lights on your battery will flash and then turn off.

Q: When I plugged my battery in, the lights blinked three times and then turned off. Is it broken? ⌄

A: The battery will blink 3 times and then turn off when it's fully charged. Accompanied by a green light on the USB charger, this just means the battery is charged and ready to use.

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