The Himalaya Story

Founded by three friends in 2015, Himalaya was inspired by the natural splendor of the highest place on earth, the Asian mountain range where cannabis originated thousands of years ago and still grows in the wild. 

Today, Himalaya works with select Northern California farmers who share in the founders’ passion for producing top quality cannabis concentrates that remain true to the original flower.


The Original

Terpene-Rich Cannabis Cartridge


Cannabis Flower in a Cartridge

Himalaya cartridges taste and feel like cannabis flower. Our single-strain, high-potency cartridges contain the original cannabis-derived terpenes, painstakingly preserved for your enjoyment.



We keep it simple and natural


Reliable comfort and relief


The Difference is Real

Natural. Potent. Handcrafted.


Stay true to the original flower.

The Himalaya team carefully preserves the original cannabis-derived terpenes to craft single-strain extracts that taste and feel like flower.

Himalaya oil combines terpenes from both fresh-frozen cannabis (“live resin”) and slow-cured cannabis flower. The result: an authentically fresh, full-bodied flavor that can’t be found in any other cartridge.


All that sticky, none of the icky.

Himalaya’s unique process preserves the full spectrum of beneficial compounds found in cannabis flower, while removing undesirable elements. We keep all the good stuff, and cut out the bad stuff. The result: a cartridge that’s both ultra-potent (80-90% TAC) and rich in cannabis-derived terpenes.


Crafted with care in small batches.

Like the finest cannabis flower, every batch of Himalaya is a unique combination of strain and origin.

Himalaya sources sun-grown cannabis flower directly from small family farms throughout California. We then extract and refine it ourselves in small batches, carefully preserving the flower’s fragile essence. By controlling production from start to finish, we can guarantee the authenticity and quality of the oil in each and every Himalaya cartridge


Extracts with integrity.

Himalaya cartridges never contain artificial flavors, synthetic terpenes, or thinning solvents such as PG, PEG, VG or MCT. Buds don’t contain that junk, so neither does Himalaya oil. Each and every batch of Himalaya undergoes multiple rounds of testing at state-certified third-party laboratories. We believe in transparency: Go ahead and download the official Batch Compliance COA for any Himalaya product simply by scanning the QR code on the potency label.


Real Cannabis


Real Strains. Real Cannabis.

Cannabis naturally produces complex flavors and varieties. That's why our cannabis oils are 100% free of artificial flavors or synthetic terpenes. And Himalaya cartridges never contain thinning solvents such as PG, PEG, VG or MCT.

Himalaya tastes like real cannabis because it is real cannabis.