Our Products

Crafted with Single-Strain Cannabis Derived Terpenes


Natural. Potent. Handcrafted.

HIMALAYA tastes like real cannabis because it is real cannabis. Buds don’t contain artificial flavors, solvents or thinners, so neither does our oil.



We keep it simple and natural.

Cannabis flower in a cartridge: These single-strain, high-potency cartridges deliver the authentic flavor and effects of craft cannabis flower. With the original cannabis-derived terpenes, painstakingly preserved for your enjoyment.

Live Sauce

Fresh, bright Flavor.

Live sauce, rich in terpenes, is extracted from cannabis that’s frozen fresh right at the farm, capturing the flavors and essence of the fresh plant prior to harvest.


Reliable comfort and relief.

Formulated for health and wellness, these CBD-rich blends deliver consistent effects and flavor from one batch to the next, all at an affordable price.


Simple and reliable.

If you’re looking for a wifi-enabled battery that uploads your data to the cloud, you’re in the wrong place! These batteries do one thing - vaporize Himalaya cannabis oil - and they do it well!