Our Strains are Real

We keep it simple and natural. Our strains come from the plant. Our plants come from the soil.

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Heirloom Pineapple (PIN) ⌄

Pineapple has fallen out of favor with growers due to its low yield, which is a shame, because no joke this weed tastes like pineapple! We're lucky to have a small batch from Mendocino to share.

Lot #065-B217
Potency: 86% TAC
Origin: Willits (Mendocino Co)
Lab Tests: COA 8/6/19

Clementine (CLM) ⌄

Enjoy the sweet citrus flavor with this perfect daytime strain known for it's balanced effects: happy and uplifting, but not overly stimulating.

Lot #063-B207
Potency: 91% TAC
Lab Tests: COA 7/29/19

Rattlesnake Diesel (RSD) ⌄

Sour Diesel with a venomous twist, this smooth-hitting strain offers a delicious buffet of fruity, spicy, sour, earthy and piney notes.

Lot #054-B204
Potency: 83% TAC
Origin: Grass Valley
Lab Tests: COA 6/19/19

Sour Diesel (SD) ⌄

This Sativa cartridge delivers the classic flavor and cerebral effects of Sour D. The full flavor is both smooth and deliciously rich.

Lot #052-B202
Potency: 84% TAC
Origin: Anderson Valley (Mendocino Co.)
Lab Tests: COA 4/8/19

Citrus Sap (CRP) ⌄

Lot #044-B191
Potency: 85% TAC
Origin: Golden State Herb (Kelseyville)
Lab Tests: COA 01/31/19


Blue Dream (BD) ⌄

Simultaneously relaxing and invigorating, this Hybrid cartridge delights with notes of blueberry.

Lot #062-B208
Potency: 88% TAC
Origin: Briceland Farms (Humboldt)
Lab Tests: COA 6/28/19

Headband (HB) ⌄

The love child of two classics. A delicious blend of flavors: kushy, piney, gas and lemon.

Lot #058-B195
Potency: 89% TAC
Origin: Golden State Herb, Kelseyville
Lab Tests: COA 6/21/19

Lot #045-B195
Potency: 84% TAC
Origin: Golden State Herb, Kelseyville
Lab Tests: COA 4/1/19

Chocolate Hashberry (CHH) ⌄

This strain's rich, complex flavor delivers notes of dark chocolate, candy, and pine with a velvety finish. For those seeking a break from fruity flavors.

Lot #053-B200
Potency: 85% TAC
Origin: Sierra Foothills
Lab Tests: COA 5/10/19

Glue (GG4) ⌄

A classic strain with a classic taste.

Lot #043-B193
Potency: 80% TAC
Origin: Golden State Herb, Kelseyville
Lab Tests: COA 01/15/19

Cookies (GSC) ⌄

A true hybrid that's become a beloved classic, Cookies never fails to deliver a perfectly balanced experience. The effects: happy but not overstimulated, relaxed but not groggy. The flavor: simultaneously sweet, earthy and floral.

The recent batch (#041-B192) was a favorite among HIMALAYA taste testers, who describe it as: great flavors, well-balanced, true to its name, light sweetness, very natural taste.

Lot #041-B192
Potency: 83% TAC
Origin: Briceland Farms (Humboldt)
Lab Tests: COA 11/21/18


Ingrid (ING) ⌄

A potent Indica with a distinct and pungent aroma combining skunk, cheese and earth.

Lot #061-B209
Potency: 87% TAC
Origin: The Leonard Moore, Mendocino
Lab Tests: COA 7/8/19

Black Triangle Kush (BTL) ⌄

This rare strain has a deep, earthy flavor with notes of pine, spice and citrus.

Lot #056-B205
Potency: 86% TAC
Origin: GoodLand Farms, Goleta
Lab Tests: COA 6/10/19

Kashmir Kush (KAS) ⌄

A unique opportunity for connoisseurs to try this rare landrace strain. Hints of chocolate, coffee and mint.

Lot #050-B199
Potency: 83% TAC
Origin: Sierra Foothills
Lab Tests: COA 3/8/19

Fire OG (FOG) ⌄

This Indica-dominant hybrid isn't called "Fire" for nothing. Our Fire OG packs a serious punch!

Lot #046-B198
Potency: 84% TAC
Origin: Briceland Farms, Humboldt Co
Lab Tests: COA 2/08/19

Blackberry Kush (BBK) ⌄

Note that this batch contains natural berry flavoring added to the cannabis-derived terpenes. While it tastes good, it's different than the authentic flavor that's made HIMALAYA famous. If you like candy-like flavors, this is your Indica! If you prefer to avoid added flavors and stick with only those derived from the cannabis plant, try another batch.

Lot #038-B188
Potency: 88% TAC
Origin: Sierra Foothills, Natural Flavors
Lab Tests: COA 11/9/18



CBD 1-to-1 ⌄

With equal parts CBD and THC, our CBD 1:1 cartridge soothes and relieves. Because CBD dampens the psychoactive effects of THC, expect a gentler, milder experience that calms mind and body without mental fog or paranoia.

Our CBD blends are formulated to be therapeutic (rather than recreational). They're designed to deliver consistent effects and a mildly pleasant taste, with minimal variation from batch to batch. To achieve this, we blend material from many different strains and farms. (This is the opposite of other HIMALAYA products, which are strain-specific and often single-origin, giving every batch unique flavors and effects.)

Finally, we understand that cost is a barrier for patients dealing with chronic conditions. That's why we've priced our CBD products affordably, rather than selling them at a premium.

Lot #064-X19
Potency: 84% TAC (43% THC, 38% CBD)
Lab Tests: COA 7/12/19

Lot #049-X19
Potency: 88% TAC (43% THC, 41% CBD)
Lab Tests: COA 4/18/19


Live Sauce

Lemon OG (LEG) ⌄

This hybrid sauce is bursting with classic citrusy OG flavor.

Lot #060-S068
Potency: 84% TAC
Origin: Humboldt County
Lab Tests: COA 8/7/19

Sour Diesel (SD) ⌄

Yup... tastes like Sour Diesel! This fast-acting sativa-dominant strain delivers the classic, rich flavor and the cerebral effects of Sour D.

Lot #069-S085
Potency: 81% TAC
Origin: Santa Barbara Co.
Lab Tests: COA 8/9/19

Samoa Kush (MOA) ⌄

This indica-dominant strain offers a sweet, creamy flavor on a base of pine and citrus.

Lot #070-S084
Potency: 82% TAC
Origin: Alderpoint, CA
Lab Tests: COA 8/9/19