Single Strain / Small Batch /
Full-Spectrum / Original Terpenes

Himalaya half gram (0.5G) and one gram (1G) cartridges deliver premium quality at an affordable price point. Each limited-edition, single-strain batch is crafted to deliver authentic flavor and high potency. Like flower, every batch of Himalaya is a unique combination of strain, soil and growing technique. The premium ceramic and glass cartridges are compatible with all 510-threaded batteries.

Sizes: Half Gram (0.5G) and One Gram (1G)

Potency: 80-90% T.A.C. (Total Active Cannabinoids)

Strains: Rotating assortment of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains, including both popular classics and rare heirloom varieties.

Cartridge: Ceramic core, glass tank, compatible with 510-threaded batteries


Our Strains are Real

We keep it simple and natural. Our strains come from the plant. Our plants come from the soil.




Blue Trainwreck

Effects: Active, Clear, Relaxed
Flavor: A complex blend of sweet berry, sour citrus, and tangy skunk

Lot #035-B184
Potency: 82% TAC
Origin: Sierra Foothills
Lab Tests: COA 10/23/18

Heirloom Pineapple 

Pineapple has fallen out of favor with growers due to its low yield, which is a shame, because no joke this weed tastes like pineapple!  We're lucky to have a small batch from Mendocino to share.

Lot #039-B189
Potency: 82% TAC
Origin: Willits (Mendocino Co)
Lab Tests: COA 11/09/18

Citrus Sap

Lot #044-B191
Potency: 85% TAC
Origin: Golden State Herb (Kelseyville)
Lab Tests: COA 01/31/19


Sour Diesel

This Sativa cartridge delivers the classic flavor and cerebral effects of Sour D. The full flavor is both smooth and deliciously rich. High THCA (2.88%)

Lot #028-176
Potency: 81% TAC
Origin: Humboldt Co.
Lab Tests: COA 9/13/18

Strawberry Cough 

Almost gone! A spunky Sativa known for its fruity flavors, Strawberry Cough really does taste like fresh strawberries. The lineage of this strain is murky, but mad respect to whoever bred this amazing varietal.

Lot #024-B2018
Potency: 86% TAC
Origin: NorCal
Lab Tests: COA 8/21/18

Super Silver Haze 

A true classic! Super Silver Haze won the Cannabis Cup three years in a row for a reason! Expect a sustained, energetic body high paired with an earthy but sweet flavor.

Lot #023-169
Potency: 88% TAC
Origin: Sierra Foothills
Lab Tests: COA 8/13/18




Chocolate Hashberry

This strain's rich, complex flavor delivers notes of dark chocolate, candy, and pine with a velvety finish. For the true concentrate connoisseur seeking a break from fruity flavors.

Lot #034-B182
Potency: 86% TAC
Origin: Sierra Foothills
Lab Tests: COA 10/04/18


A true hybrid that's become a beloved classic, Cookies never fails to deliver a perfectly balanced experience. The effects: happy but not overstimulated, relaxed but not groggy. The flavor: simultaneously sweet, earthy and floral.

The recent batch (#041-B192) was a favorite among HIMALAYA taste testers, who describe it as: great flavors, well-balanced, true to its name, light sweetness, very natural taste.

Lot #041-B192
Potency: 83% TAC
Origin: Briceland Farms (Humboldt)
Lab Tests: COA 11/21/18

Double Tangie Banana 

STAFF FAVORITE! This Sativa-dominant strain tastes like it sounds: a fruity mix of tangerine and banana flavors.

Lot #036-B183
Potency: 82% TAC
Origin: Sierra Foothills
Lab Tests: COA 10/30/18



A classic strain with a classic taste.

Lot #043-B193
Potency: 80% TAC
Origin: Golden State Herb, Kelseyville
Lab Tests: COA 01/15/19

Lavender Trainwreck

A rare, relaxing strain with a complex floral taste, Lavender Trainwreck is perfect for those wishing to move beyond fruity flavors.

Lot #033-B181
Potency: 83% TAC
Origin: Grass Valley
Lab Tests: COA 10/11/18




Blackberry Kush

Note that this batch contains natural berry flavoring added to the cannabis-derived terpenes. While it tastes good, it's different than the authentic flavor that's made Himalaya famous. If you like candy-like flavors, this is your Indica! If you prefer to avoid added flavors and stick with only those derived from the cannabis plant, try another batch.

Lot #038-B188
Potency: 88% TAC
Origin: Sierra Foothills, Natural Flavors
Lab Tests: COA 11/9/18

Blue Lights

Coming to us from a small heritage farm in Mendocino, Blue Lights is an indica-dominant cross of two classic strains: Blue Dream and Northern Lights. Upon finishing this batch, our TerpMaster called it his "masterpiece". Try it and tell us if you agree!

Lot #027-B172
Potency: 85% TAC
Origin: Mendocino
Lab Tests: COA 8/27/18

Holy Grail Kush

This strain nabbed the first-ever perfect score at the 2011 Cannabis Cup. Holy Grail Kush is an indica-leaning. The taste is classic OG: citrus and pine with an underlying earthiness.

Lot #031-B178
Potency: 84% TAC
Origin: Briceland Farms, Humboldt Co
Lab Tests: COA 9/24/18


Fire OG

This Indica-dominant hybrid isn't called "Fire" for nothing. Our Fire OG packs a serious punch!

Lot #030-B177
Potency: 86% TAC
Origin: Briceland Farms, Humboldt Co
Lab Tests: COA 9/03/18


STAFF FAVORITE! A relaxing Indica-dominant strain with a smooth, mild flavor. Expect a subtle flavor profile with floral, herbal, and spicy notes, plus hints of honey and lemongrass. If you're sensitive to harshness and irritation from cartridges, this is the perfect strain for you! In internal testing, tasters consistently rated this batch as exceptionally smooth on both the inhale and exhale.

Lot #042-B190
Potency: 85% TAC
Origin: Briceland Farms, Humboldt Co.
Lab Tests: COA 12/12/18